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N as in Nora

Nora is for real, the nature is as in a fairytale, our streets are like film sets, but it is all genuine. Nora is a place where visitors might ask whether the town, with its charming old-fashioned shops and houses, could itself be a museum of Swedish life and heritage. Nora is a place where dreams of small town and countryside life come true all the year around. Nora is the ideal place to secure a future and make your dreams happen.

To be in Nora is to be close, to people, places, experiences and sensations. Nora has an abundance of both idyllic and picturesque places. It comprises of a mixture of town life and the stunning rural countryside offering great leisure pursuits and freedom due to the large open spaces. To be in Nora is to be close to peaceful farm shops, white-knuckle forest biking trails and cultural walks in town, take a trip on the old train, hop onto the boat to Alntorp island or follow a graveled road out in the countryside!

To live in Nora is living in all times at once, then, now and tomorrow. Then, there was the iron and the forest. Now, new history is being made; by small businesses, large companies, associations and village communities due to modern technology and improved communication. History is being made by innovators, entrepreneurs, merchants and life artists. History is also being made by people who have lived here for generations, by people who have just moved in and by anyone who wants to be part of creating the experience of today and of Tomorrow.

Someone once described Nora as a dream from their childhood, someone else described it as a sweet little place, like the picture on the lid of a chocolate box.

It is well worth taking a closer look at the lifestyle you can find in Nora. Nora is a “bygone” place steeped in history and charm existing successfully within a modern world!

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